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R is the next technology to change the future after the Internet and smart phones?

At present, the VR 360 hardware technology is becoming more and more mature, and the content resources are becoming more and more abundant. VR hardware devices, VR games, entertainment, and silver flowers are unprecedented. All walks of life are trying to connect VR technology to the next computer platform.


On March 17 last year, Alibaba announced the establishment of the VR (Virtual Reality) laboratory GnomeMagic Lab (GM Lab) to open the “God of God” program, aiming to build the world's largest 3D merchandise library and develop standardized tools for merchants to achieve fast Batch 3D modeling.


Tencent announced its own VR game eco-strategy at the miniStation micro-game host conference. At the same time, its VR website was officially launched, and issued a voice of “the future has come” to the entire Internet, announcing that Tencent officially entered the VR field.


At the end of May last year, Baidu launched VR community - Baidu VR+, which integrates VR g…