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How to Recover Data from Broken Note 5

Samsung recently released its latest flagship Galaxy Note series "Samsung Galaxy Note 5". This phablet has become the best smartphone on the market. Use intelligent, stylish and elegant design and monster processors to perform these processes. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is supported by quad-core 1.5: Exynos 7420 and 4GB RAM. With such a handling power, it is a beast that really is no doubt. In shortcomings, its battery can not be removed, some people do not like Galaxy Note 5 Another thing is that it does not have a microSD slot.

Accidents dont ask before coming. Somehow you broke your Note 5? Dont worry. I have good method that can help you to do galaxy note 5 broken screen data recovery.

Recover data from broken record 5:

It is not difficult to talk about this technique to recover data from Broken Note 5. This method is what most people do not know. Using this guide, you can recover everything from damaged notes 5 (including contacts, images, and videos).

Now, please follow the…

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Android with Android SMS Recovery?

"Last night, I accidentally deleted my phone data, but realized that I should do a new backup, wondering if there was any way to recover deleted messages android, thanks in advance."

We will show you how to recover SMS with Android SMS Recovery tool, which can help you restore text messages on Android 2.3 or latter. The situation above is not the only one they can be applied to. More cases, caused by rooting failure, ROM flashing failure, deletion and other unknown reasons , have all being taken into consideration by the designers.

Step 2. Check the type of file you want to restore
When you complete step 2, the software will ask you to select what you want to scan. We can check the message and whatsApp messages and attachments. And then click Next.

Step 3. Allow the superuser to request and start scanning
If you have a root directory for your Android device, the software may prompt Android Data Recovery to grant permission to continue scanning. Then, click on the phone to al…

How to Root Android 5.1.1 with best Method?

Many Android users now want to know how to root in Android 5.0 / 5.1 (lollipop) because it has been released for quite some time. Is there any way to solve this problem? "Some people may ask. Android for Android 5.0 / 5.1 each user to provide a true one-click rooting experience.

Now you will learn how to use this tool to root Moto E. Moto E is a popular Android device presented by Motorola. So it needs a good software to root. Otherwise there might be huge risk of rooting if the tool is not reliable. Here are the processes - 1. The first thing to do is download dr.fone on your PC. Then install it. 2. Run the software and go to "More Tools".
3. Currently, the "More Tools" has 4 options. There is also Android Root. You will have to go for it as we have already told you that we would use it for rooting Moto E. 4. Now make the connection between your Android device and your PC using a USB cable. You must enable the USB debugging mode on your Android before connecting. O…

How to Recover Deleted SMS from Android SmartPhone?

Speaking of reliable data recovery software, Renew - Android Data Recovery is a type of data recovery software that allows users to recover virtually any type of deleted data immediately. It can be used to restore deleted messages, photos, documents, contacts and so on. It does not require users to do a lot of technical work, or spend a lot of time from their daily work freed. It just asks for a click and then takes care of all the data recovery process itself. Dr. Fone for Android is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition, it also supports more than 2000 kinds of Android device models.

Step 1.Connect your Android phone
First of all, download and install the Android text recovery tool on your computer. It's not an app it's a desktop tool. Connect your Android phone to the computer.

Step 2.Enable USB debugging on Android device
Make sure you've enabled USB debugging.

Step 3.Analyze your Android phone
After setting the USB debugging, reconnect your ph…

How to Root Android on Mac?

I have a htc phone to take root and i have been searching on google but i have not seen any instructions on how to do this on Mac OS X so i just ask for help. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you! - Doug

You will not be able to find through the Internet on the mac android root tool content, even the most popular root tool, Kingo can only support the Windows operating system. But now use our new method, use / do not use Mac OS X can be very convenient to use Android devices.

Root Android on Mac

Steps 1. Click the icon above to download and install OneClickRoot on your computer.
Step 2. Connect the Android device to the computer using the USB cable, and then start the software. The program will begin to detect the connected device, and then you only need to click the Root Now button, after seeing the interface to make the device root directory.
And then wait a minute, your equipment will be successfully taken root.
Now you can install many rooting applications at will.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android?

Android operating system has become the first choice for many mobile phone users. But Android data loss seems to be more common than before. If many Android users accidentally delete the data stored in them (such as photos, video), then they will be troubled. So how to restore deleted images / videos from Android is the primary problem that needs to be addressed.
We highly recommend Renew Videos Recovery software, the wonderful Android data recovery feature help you to recover deleted videos Android, you can also restore contacts, text messages and so on. Download the correct version as follows:

Step 1: Connect your Android Device to computer and Enable USB debugging
Run the software and connect your Android device with computer via USB cable. (Don’t start any other Android devices management program during the recovery process.)
When the program detects your phone, it requires you to enable USB debugging. There are three options. Choose one for your phone’s Android OS.

1) For Android…

How to Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6?

Moving the camera so that we can record our lives anytime, anywhere. Beautiful scenery, happy moments with family and friends, novelty on the go can be well stored in our cell phone. But did you ever face the trouble of accidentally deleting the photo? Do you lose your precious pictures? Are you looking for an ideal software that can help you to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S6?

Insert your Samsung phone into your computer
First of all. Download, install and run Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery on your computer. The system will prompt you to connect your phone to your computer. Then connect the Samsung Galaxy to your computer using the USB cable. It will be easy to complete.

Enable USB debugging before scanning
USB debugging in Android allows you to connect your phone to your computer and use the Android SDK and allows programs to access and scan your phone. If you do not know what USB debugging is, you may not have enabled it yet. Follow the detailed steps to manually start…