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Din Rail Switched Mode PS air conditioners work in turn and set the temperature?

With the continuous development of network information technology, the environmental parameters in the computer room where the server is stored are also becoming more and more important. Some small and medium-sized computer rooms keep the temperature inside the equipment room within a certain range. Not only one air conditioner is installed, but also a spare air conditioner is stored. The purpose is to prevent malfunction of the air conditioner in operation or other reasons. It is necessary to turn on the backup air conditioner. However, it is impossible for the computer room management personnel to stay in the computer room for 24 hours. In order to reduce the burden on the computer room management personnel, the air conditioner intelligent switcher can solve this problem well.
The air conditioner switch can control two air conditioners at the same time to realize functions such as air conditioner caller self-start, timed temperature control switch, failover, and fault alarm. Applic…

R is the next technology to change the future after the Internet and smart phones?

At present, the VR 360 hardware technology is becoming more and more mature, and the content resources are becoming more and more abundant. VR hardware devices, VR games, entertainment, and silver flowers are unprecedented. All walks of life are trying to connect VR technology to the next computer platform.


On March 17 last year, Alibaba announced the establishment of the VR (Virtual Reality) laboratory GnomeMagic Lab (GM Lab) to open the “God of God” program, aiming to build the world's largest 3D merchandise library and develop standardized tools for merchants to achieve fast Batch 3D modeling.


Tencent announced its own VR game eco-strategy at the miniStation micro-game host conference. At the same time, its VR website was officially launched, and issued a voice of “the future has come” to the entire Internet, announcing that Tencent officially entered the VR field.


At the end of May last year, Baidu launched VR community - Baidu VR+, which integrates VR g…

Amazon is reportedly developing its first home robot

PConline News] According to Bloomberg 360 vr , according to Amazon, Amazon is developing the first robot for the family. The project's internal code name is Vesta, which was developed by Lab126. The Amazon hardware development center previously developed the Kindle, Fire Phone and Echo. There are no precise details about the appearance and purpose of the Amazon robot, but Bloomberg said it may be a "mobile Alexa" with computer vision software and navigation cameras. It is said that the company plans to test the equipment at the employee's home by the end of this year. . Bloomberg pointed out that the general public may be able to test this robot prototype in 2019.

Judging from such details, it is difficult to know exactly what Amazon is planning, but it is certain that in this case, the home robot does not mean a robot steward who can perform various housework activities. This kind of equipment does not exist in the commercial field.


In contrast, "home robots&…

Wattco Energy Limited China Power Company Limited

Wattco A high advanced technological power supplies company. 
Surpassing Din Rail Power Supplies group with experienced engineers in sophisticate design solutions with outstanding topologies, construction, cost consideration for the industrial. Latest and continually up grade in design concepts towards up to date technologies. 
Over thirty years in the field, the teams are from multi – international top ranking organization. 
We serve in the areas of telecommunications, automation, building, construction, recycle energy and industrial equipment etc., Product reliability and high quality is our task, energy saving and environment protection is our policy.

Best Way to Get Pictures off A Phone that Wont Turn On?

There are many ways that people may break their Android phones, from accidental descent, water damage to many other unimaginable scenes. Even if the way is completely different, they are the same result: my Android phone is broken. So today we'd like to talk about recovering data from phone that wont turn on.

If the Dead Phone Data Are Recoverable?  
The death screen is a nuisance to users around the world. Regardless of how your device is cut, it can damage it after physical damage such as falling or crashing, even after "bathing". If your Samsung encounters such a disaster, you will lose your mind.
take it easy! As long as the hardware is safe and reliable, you can get data from phones that can not be opened, such as photos. With professional software (probably it must be in this only way), the user can use the broken screen on the computer to access the phone. Advanced scans will be performed in the external memory and in the internal memory to retrieve the existing da…

How to Recover Samsung Galaxy S5 via Android Data Recovery

Unlike Apple, you can find the photo you deleted by using the recently deleted photo app or iTunec / iCloud backup, but Samsung does not have that option. So if you accidentally deleted the photos you need for Samsung, can you bring them back?

In this article, we will show you how to recover photos from Samsung galaxy s5 in the simplest way, so you can find the answer simply by reading.

Step 1. Link your Samsung Galaxy/Note to your computer using a USB cable
Launch dr.fone - Android Data Recoveryd and link your Samsung Galaxy/Note with your computer using a USB cable.
connect android
Step 2. Enable USB debugging
To recover deleted pictures on your Samsung Galaxy/Note, you should first let dr.fone detect your smartphone. Follow the dr.fone wizard to enable the USB debugging on your device according to the version of Android your Samsung Galaxy/Note is running.
Enable USB debugging
Step 3. Run an analysis on your Samsung Galaxy/Note
Once you have enabled the USB debugging on your Samsun…

How to Recover Data from Broken Note 5

Samsung recently released its latest flagship Galaxy Note series "Samsung Galaxy Note 5". This phablet has become the best smartphone on the market. Use intelligent, stylish and elegant design and monster processors to perform these processes. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is supported by quad-core 1.5: Exynos 7420 and 4GB RAM. With such a handling power, it is a beast that really is no doubt. In shortcomings, its battery can not be removed, some people do not like Galaxy Note 5 Another thing is that it does not have a microSD slot.

Accidents dont ask before coming. Somehow you broke your Note 5? Dont worry. I have good method that can help you to do galaxy note 5 broken screen data recovery.

Recover data from broken record 5:

It is not difficult to talk about this technique to recover data from Broken Note 5. This method is what most people do not know. Using this guide, you can recover everything from damaged notes 5 (including contacts, images, and videos).

Now, please follow the…