Amazon is reportedly developing its first home robot

PConline News] According to Bloomberg 360 vr , according to Amazon, Amazon is developing the first robot for the family. The project's internal code name is Vesta, which was developed by Lab126. The Amazon hardware development center previously developed the Kindle, Fire Phone and Echo. There are no precise details about the appearance and purpose of the Amazon robot, but Bloomberg said it may be a "mobile Alexa" with computer vision software and navigation cameras. It is said that the company plans to test the equipment at the employee's home by the end of this year. . Bloomberg pointed out that the general public may be able to test this robot prototype in 2019.

Judging from such details, it is difficult to know exactly what Amazon is planning, but it is certain that in this case, the home robot does not mean a robot steward who can perform various housework activities. This kind of equipment does not exist in the commercial field.


In contrast, "home robots" are more likely to mean that a virtual assistant is placed outside of a machine. In recent years, many such products have been introduced, including LG's Hub Robot, Mayfield Robotics' Kuri and Pixar-style Jibo. These devices are designed to serve as the central point of contact for the user's smart home and personal partner. They allow users to control Wi-Fi-connected devices, perform tasks such as setting timers and search networks, and provide more interactive games for young children.

This means that mobile Alexa may still be very useful to Amazon and users. This will allow the company's virtual assistant to play a more personal role, and the spatial information it collects will make Alexa's functionality better. The CEO of RoomBa's iRobot, the maker of Roomba, told The Verge last week that mobile home robots will become more important in the future, and the data they collect will make smart homes more intuitive. If a robot is able to draw and understand your home, commands such as "turn on kitchen lighting" make more sense.

But in the end, it is too early to speculate on Amazon’s intentions, and it is entirely possible that this study will not be able to achieve the finished product.


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