How to Root Android 5.1.1 with best Method?

Many Android users now want to know how to root in Android 5.0 / 5.1 (lollipop) because it has been released for quite some time. Is there any way to solve this problem? "Some people may ask. Android for Android 5.0 / 5.1 each user to provide a true one-click rooting experience.

Now you will learn how to use this tool to root Moto E. Moto E is a popular Android device presented by Motorola. So it needs a good software to root. Otherwise there might be huge risk of rooting if the tool is not reliable.
Here are the processes -
1. The first thing to do is download dr.fone on your PC. Then install it.
2. Run the software and go to "More Tools".

3. Currently, the "More Tools" has 4 options. There is also Android Root. You will have to go for it as we have already told you that we would use it for rooting Moto E.
4. Now make the connection between your Android device and your PC using a USB cable. You must enable the USB debugging mode on your Android before connecting. Otherwise, Android Root won't be able to recognize your device.
5. After connecting your device to your PC, you will see that the tool is processing further for recognizing it. You will see the progression status too.
Note that here in the picture, you are seeing a Samsung device is being connected, but the actual scenario will be almost same except the brand and the model name. You will see Moto E with specific model instead of Samsung when you will connect a Moto E with your PC.
6. After a while, the recognition will be done with the tool and you will see a new button "Root Now". This is the one click button that will root your device. So press on the button now.
7. When the button is pressed, the tool will automatically do all the operations to make your Moto E the root. It takes a few minutes to complete the rooting process. Do not perform disconnection or interruption until the rooting is complete.
When the root directory is complete, the notification message is displayed on the screen.
So follow these simple steps that you can easily root your Android device without any problems.


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