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Din Rail Switched Mode PS air conditioners work in turn and set the temperature?

With the continuous development of network information technology, the environmental parameters in the computer room where the server is stored are also becoming more and more important. Some small and medium-sized computer rooms keep the temperature inside the equipment room within a certain range. Not only one air conditioner is installed, but also a spare air conditioner is stored. The purpose is to prevent malfunction of the air conditioner in operation or other reasons. It is necessary to turn on the backup air conditioner. However, it is impossible for the computer room management personnel to stay in the computer room for 24 hours. In order to reduce the burden on the computer room management personnel, the air conditioner intelligent switcher can solve this problem well.
The air conditioner switch can control two air conditioners at the same time to realize functions such as air conditioner caller self-start, timed temperature control switch, failover, and fault alarm. Applic…