How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Android with Android SMS Recovery?

"Last night, I accidentally deleted my phone data, but realized that I should do a new backup, wondering if there was any way to recover deleted messages android, thanks in advance."

We will show you how to recover SMS with Android SMS Recovery tool, which can help you restore text messages on Android 2.3 or latter. The situation above is not the only one they can be applied to. More cases, caused by rooting failure, ROM flashing failure, deletion and other unknown reasons , have all being taken into consideration by the designers.

Step 2. Check the type of file you want to restore
When you complete step 2, the software will ask you to select what you want to scan. We can check the message and whatsApp messages and attachments. And then click Next.

Step 3. Allow the superuser to request and start scanning
If you have a root directory for your Android device, the software may prompt Android Data Recovery to grant permission to continue scanning. Then, click on the phone to allow, until no longer pops up.

Step 4. Review the details and retrieve the deleted text of your choice
The message can be previewed in the interface. First check the deleted messages and highlight them. Check for missing messages or simply all SMS messages, then click Restore to restore lost messages on your PC.

Note: This allows you to recover text messages from locked phones. However, you need to follow the "steps in the link" to enter "more tools".


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