How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Number on Samsung Galaxy

"My Samsung galaxy doesn’t work this morning! I have use this handset for several years. It is a very frustrating thing you know, cause all the phone number are in it. The bad thing now is that I can't get all the contacts out from the broken Samsung Phone. I need your guys’ help, urgent, thanks advance!”

If you have the same issue before? Don’t know how to get back your Samsung Galaxy phone number? No worry here, you can use Samsung Phone Number Recovery tool to get your Samsung phone number back. This outstanding tool not only allow you to recover contacts, but also permit you to recover other files, for example, recover photos from Samsung galaxy. What’s more, this contacts recovery tool, which also called Android Data Extraction, can recover data both from Samsung internal memory and SD card. 

Samsung data recovery software free download:

Now, follow us and get more details about how to retrieve deleted phone number on Samsung.

Guide to Retrieve Contacts  from Samsung Galaxy

Note: Remember not to add any operation to your broken Samsung , so that your phone data will not be overwritten and then you can recover the phone number back from Samsung phone by using tool.

Step 1 Run the Program and Scan Device

Firstly, you need to download and install the software on to your PC. When you enter the main interface, hit the third option "Android Broken Data Recovery" and get started.

Step 2 Select Contacts

This is where you get to choose which kind of file is to be scanned. Tick off all the others except "Contacts" to save time.Then, hit the "Next" button to continue.

choose contacts

Step 3 Choose Broken Types

If the touch screen can't be used or can't enter the phone system, click the left option. If the phone is running, but the screen gets black, hit the right button.

choose broken types

Then, select the model of you broken device. If you have no idea what model your phone is, just click "How to confirm the device model" like to get some help.

select device model
For touch screen not working option or black screen situation, you can follow the guide below to enter "Download mode".
1. Power off your Samsung device
2. Press and hold Volume down, Power and Home button.
3. Press the Volume up button.

steps for setting
For the black screen situation, after hitting the "Start" button, there will be countdown appear in the phone screen in the below interface. When the countdown complete, hit the "Start" again and you can move to the next step.
for black screen situation

Note: When the phone is in the "Download mode", connect the device to the computer via USB cable.

Step 4 Analyze the Broken Device

Once you successfully get your phone into the "Download mode", the software will start analyzing and downloading recovery package. 
analyze broken device

When the package downloading complete, the software will scan the contacts stored in your phone. 

recover contacts

Step 5 Recover Contacts on Samsung Devices

As the scanning process ends, tick the "Contacts" item in the left column to check the contacts list saved in the device. Select those you need to restore and hit the "Recover"
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